Most people start their day the same way. Wake up, Shower, Eat breakfast, Cup of Coffee, get in the car, and get on the road. No matter what order we do these somehow we seem to find our way into a vehicle and make that dreaded commute to work. Some are lucky enough to have a short drive, while others have a long commute.

What do you do with your commute time? Talk on your cell phone, put on make up, text, eat, or pretend you’re in the Indy 500 racing around everyone.

Should you be doing something to increase your Lean knowledge?

I have spent the past 90 days catching up on one podcast and all 130 episodes during my 30 minute commute to work or as I like to call it “ my commuting college.”

Yes, 130 episodes in 90 days! One hour each day on Lean learning. Each of the podcast are less than 30 minutes and full of useful information.

What is this podcast you ask?

Lean Blog Podcast hosted by Mark Graban.

Yes, the same man that brings you and the author of Lean Hospitals hosts each podcast.

Mark’s Lean knowledge produces some great podcasts, he knows what questions to ask and adds his own experiences.

If you download all the past podcasts you can learn from a long list of guests including:

Stop wasting time during your commute and start utilizing it to learn.

So if you think you can’t afford to increase your lean knowledge, then your wrong. You can’t afford to not listen to these podcasts, the podcasts are free. The value is priceless!! Where else can you learn from the guru’s of Lean?
Hopefully Mark continues to produce this podcast and continues to share the knowledge of the best of the best in the Lean world.

So take the time to check out LeanBlog Podcast and turn your drive into a “commuting college.”

Now that I am caught up with LeanBlog Podcast. I have a few books on tape and other podcast to listen to. So my Commuting College continues each day!


Anthony Scott is a Front Line Supervisor at a manufacturing facility in Memphis, TN. His interest in Lean Manufacturing grew from working with a Toyota Supplier. He is on a Lean learning journey that you can follow at his blog Front Line Lean. Stop by and help him learn, find out where he is learning from or just say hi. Share his stories, reviews, and other post with your friends.


  1. Mark Graban says:

    Thanks for listening! You deserve some sort of badge for listening to them all. Thanks for your blog post!!


    p.s. More episodes to come

    • Mark,
      I love a good challenge and gave myself a tough one this time,. It was tough but coffee, and gods grace got me through it. I laughed, I cried, every emotion came pouring out of me.

      Honestly, I have episodes I plan on listening to again. I learned something from each one. Each podcast gives you insight into a different realm of lean. I look forward to future episodes. But for now I have a couple of books on tape to listen to.

      Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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